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In the early 1900's Wenona Beach was a fashionable amusement park where everyone from everywhere congregated. Chosen for its beautiful location with almost a half of a mile of beach front on Saginaw Bay, Wenona Beach continues to fill people hearts the peace and tranquility of nature mixed with fond memories.

Today the same beauty abounds and the old timers still come to our beach with a lump in their throat, watch the freighters disappearing into the horizon.

Now, you can live in one of Michigan’s most beautiful places and take leisurely strolls on what is almost your own private beach and where you can almost still hear the laughter and happiness from a half century before.

We are proud of our community and you will be too. It’s a very nice place to be.


Aerial Photo of Wenona Beach Estates


Detailed Site Plan of Wenona Beach Estates

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